Online Backup

BCS Online Backup offers the perfect solution to backup your business.

If your business is like most businesses today, your computer data is vital to your everyday operations. In fact, information is often regarded as the lifeblood of today’s businesses. Information such as your:

Customer Records
Emails & Contact Information
Financial Data
Key Databases
Important Documents

What would happen if you lost that data? Could you recreate it? Even if you could recreate it, how much time would this process take? How much money would it cost you in lost business and lost opportunities? And finally, would your business even survive?

Unfortunately, your servers, computers and laptops and the data that they store are vulnerable to an ever-growing list of misfortunes. Whether you’re a small or midsize business, you can insure yourself against such loss with our online backup service. Our online data backup software is specifically designed to manage the process of data backup, storage and recovery.

Traditional methods of computer data backup include tapes, CDs and DVDs, ZIP drives and floppies. All of these methods have significant disadvantages. Backups are generally not automatic. Even more importantly, the owner or employee has to physically transfer the media containing the backups to an off-site location where it must be stored in a safe place.

Fortunately, Internet technology has now allowed for a vastly superior method of backing up: online backup.

  1. BCS Online Backup is Automatic.
    Create your own backup sets and let them run automatically with flexible scheduling options.
  2. BCS Online Backup is Offsite.
    Perhaps the most important aspect of backing up is that your data backup is off-site and stored in a different location from the original data. After all, with traditional backup methods, if you experience a disaster such as a fire, or a theft, your backups are likely worthless if they have been stored in the same location as your computer.
    With our online backup, your data is always stored safely, in not one, but two off-site locations, located hundreds of miles apart.
  3. Restore files with ease.
    With our online backup, you have access to all of your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Retrieve the file or email you need in just seconds. Have your business completely up and running after a system failure in just hours.
  4. BCS Online Backup is Scalable.
    With our online backup, you can never run out of storage space. As your data grows, your account can grow with it automatically.
  5. BCS Online Backup lets you relax.
    Studies show that more than half of backups fail. Backup systems appear to be working, but do not actually backup any data. Or the storage media deteriorated while in storage. How sure can you be that your backups are really working? With other methods it is near impossible to be confident but with online backup, you can be sure 100% of the time. At any time, you can view or restore all of the files that you have backed up. Only our online backup provides you with the confidence of knowing that your data will be there when you need it.
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