Remote Support

Help Desk, Remote Support and Assistance

Computer Repair and IT Support for your business anywhere you need us when things go bad.


We’re there to help fix your problem.

Not All Computer Problems Are Created Equal

With that in mind we offer a Help Desk service with Remote Access or Phone Support that allows one of our experienced staffers to fix your computer problem without having to schedule someone to come out to your location, saving you Time and Money.

For computer problems that are software related, we can often times solve these issues when you utilize our Help Desk service who can help guide you through the problem over the phone or “take the wheel” ourselves and fix the problem via remote access.

Remote Access

If your computer is using a High-Speed Internet connection, our service technicians can securely access and repair your computer. Your computer will be analyzed using various diagnostic tools at which point a problem should be found, diagnosed and repaired while you continue to work on other things.

Phone Support

Sometimes a computer problem may not be as difficult to fix as you may think. Sometimes it may just be as simple as setting up your email. In these cases you can call ahead to speak with a service technician. Depending on the problem you are having we may be able to help guide you step by step towards a resolution. If not, we’d be more than happy to schedule an appointment to further investigate the issue you are having.

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