Virus Spyware Removal

About 80% of all computers out there are infected with some sort of virus or spyware, which causes all sorts of problems. Most of the problems are just annoying; popups, advertisements, slowdowns, but some infections can cause serious problems to the operating system which may corrupt data or even crash the entire system. The biggest problem with virus and spyware infections they cause a serious security breach which exposes you to spying, identity theft, web tracking plus more. If you think your computer is infected, it is critical to stop using the computer and clean up any nasty malware immediately.
Many companies will choose to reload windows rather than remove the infections. When Windows is reloaded, you lose all your programs and data (pictures, music, documents). If you need your programs reinstalled or your data backed up and restored additional costs are incurred. We believe fixing the problem by removing the viruses is the best approach. Your programs stay intact and your data isn’t lost.

How do I know if I’m infected?

  • Computer runs slower than usual.
  • Computer stops responding, or it locks up often.
  • Frequent program crashes and random restarts
  • Unstable computer & frequent errors
  • Blue screen of death error
  • Unable to access “Task Manager”
  • Unable to access “Msconfig” or “Regedit”
  • Internet homepage changed
  • Search results hijacked to different websites
  • Antivirus program is disabled for no reason
  • Windows updates & Firewall disabled
  • Missing windows menus and options
  • Fake anti-virus programs appear out of nowhere
  • Wallpaper and/or Screen Saver changed

Much more than just a Virus & Spyware Removal.

You’ll receive a full system tune-up & optimization for the same price. Your computer will not only be clean of viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, rootkits, but it will be much faster, cleaner and more responsive, we guarantee it!!

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