Laptop manufacturers typically market 2 types of laptops. The first type is consumer class. These represent most of the laptops you will find at most large electronics stores. The specifications are designed to look impressive on paper and sell at a very low price point. These also make up a substantial percentage of machines we service at our shop due to the sacrifice in quality to keep costs down. The second is business class. These notebooks typically have to be ordered through certified resellers or directly from the manufacturer at a higher price point than consumer class laptops. They may or may not look as impressive on paper statistically but usually have substantially better build quality and better overall performance. BCS Computer Support has a large selection of factory refurbished business class laptops obtained from nationwide leasing companies at affordable rates; giving you an opportunity to own a fast durable laptop at a price you can afford. Stop in anytime to check out our selection and speak to a qualified technician.

Custom Desktop PC’s

Desktop computer prices continue to fall while hardware component prices stay the same. Desktop manufacturers are finding lucrative ways to bring desktop costs down by including “Trial-ware Software” and making large sacrifices in the quality of the hardware components they use. These approaches often lead to frustrating repairs, lost productivity and potentially data loss. At BCS Computer Support we take the opposite approach. We only use top quality components and we customize our desktops to your needs. We understand the importance of your computer whether it be at home or in your office and we approach our custom desktop computers with that in mind.


BCS Computer Support stocks a wide variety of desktop, laptop and networking hardware to suit all you home or business needs. We stock everything from memory to power supplies.  If we don’t stock it, we can get it.  Our trained technicians can assist you with all your hardware component purchase and installation needs.


At BCS Computer Support we understand the importance of you businesses server and the role it plays in your network. Our trained technicians can assist you with Intel servers of all sizes to fit your needs. Contact BCS Computer Support today to find out how we can help organize your business using Intel servers.


In today’s world most businesses and households have multiple computers. At BCS Computer Support we understand the importance of these devices working together and we have the technical expertise to help you configure your network in a way that works for you. We carry a large variety of networking equipment to suit all your networking needs and our staff can assist you in shop or on site. Call BCS Computer Support today to find out how we can help you with your networking needs.

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